3 Myths About Door Repairs Debunked

Doors have an important role to play in the comfort and safety of your home. Your doors are designed to prevent unwanted air transfers that could cause temperature fluctuations and air quality. Doors also provide security, keeping unwanted people and animals from entering your home. When you are having issues with your door, this is not only inconvenient, but it can be unsafe.

We ask for a lot from our doors. It is common to need some repair over time, from exposure to the elements and everyday wear and tear. Door squeaks and chips are no reason to run out and purchase a new door. When it comes to addressing door issues, a few myths have created misconceptions about potential repairs. However, these myths can be easily debunked, demonstrating that door repair isn’t as complex as one might believe.

Door Replacement Is Better

One common myth concerning door repair is that replacing the door is easier. While in certain circumstances, this may ring true, this is not always the case. Doors that are severely warped or have experienced significant damage should be replaced. However, many door issues can be solved with a simple repair. This repair can include replacing hinges, realigning the door, replacing framing, and other common issues that an experienced professional can easily handle.

DIY Saves Time and Money

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to learn and care for your home. While this can be a rewarding way to care for your home in some circumstances, it isn’t always the best choice in all situations. When it comes to your door, the solution to the problem you are experiencing may not always be clear. Many door problems are a cause and effect, and true, lasting repair relies on finding the true core of the issue at hand. A professional has the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose the problem quickly, providing the exact repair necessary. Instead of doing extensive research, watching videos online, and purchasing all supplies and tools you’ll need, let a reputable door repair company like Window Makeover take care of it.

The Door Won’t Be as Secure

Another common myth concerning door repair is that the new door will lack security. It is understandable that, as a homeowner, you want to ensure everything is up to date and functioning as it should. However, door repair will not compromise the integrity of the door when repaired by a professional. You can rest assured that your door will be able to function and perform like new again.

Trust the Professionals

There is no reason to purchase a new door at the first sign of a problem. Door repair can restore your existing door, saving you money. Turning to a professional is the best way to diagnose the issue quickly, saving you time. While DIY can be a great approach for various home updates, it isn’t always the best solution for every situation. When you want the job done right, let us help. Contact us to learn more about quality door repair.

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