3 Reasons to Install a Frameless Shower


A nice warm shower can be a daily simple pleasure, but an old shower design or grungy frame can make taking a shower not as relaxing as it could be. One of the best ways to upgrade your shower experience is by upgrading to a frameless shower to make for a cleaner, sleeker, and more elegant shower experience. This home improvement is the perfect way to improve your bathroom’s look, functionality, and value.

Here are some of the best perks:

  1.  Easier To Clean

No one loves cleaning their bathroom, but with a frameless shower, it can be far easier to keep your shower fresh and sparkling. Rather than having to scrub down linoleum or other more difficult-to-clean surfaces, a frameless shower can be wiped down like any window. Plus, frameless showers don’t have as many tough-to-reach nooks and crannies, meaning no bending over backward when scrubbing down.

Similarly, you can avoid having to deal with mold and mildew build-up with a frameless shower. With glass, there will be far fewer metallic hardware components or areas for water to build up and create residue and other obnoxious molds. A frameless shower will not only be easier to clean but stay clean for longer.

  1.  A Sleeker Look

Many bathrooms, unfortunately, don’t have the best lighting. Whether you have a windowless bathroom or a shower tucked into the corner, this can create a dark, unpleasant atmosphere, especially if you’re trying to wake up in the morning. By installing a frameless windowed shower, you’ll have the light you need to see what you’re washing and a bright atmosphere to start your day in.

A frameless shower also can add that sleek look to your bathroom. With a more modern sensibility, your bathroom will look more open and inviting after installing your frameless shower.

  1.  Customizable Sizes and Designs

By installing a frameless shower, you can have more control over how you want your bathroom to look. With flexible sizes, designs, and even appearances like tile patterns for your wall, choosing to install a frameless shower gives you the options you need to be able to have the appearance your bathroom deserves and improve your bathroom’s functionality. This type of shower can take up far less space than a traditional shower, as well as have features like the door opening inwards for convenience and more!

The Shower That Works For You

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, nothing is as effective in adding a sense of elegance as well as practicality as installing a frameless shower. Whether you’re looking for an easier cleanup, a bright open floor plan, or just to feel a little more refreshed every morning when you hop in the shower, Window Makeover is here to help install today!

Don’t wait; get started on your shower installation today by contacting Window Makeover. We’re here to help with an easy and effective window installation too!


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