4 Signs Your Windows Need Restoration


Many individuals take their windows for granted, as these are crucial in keeping you and your family protected from the outside elements. Over time, windows can deteriorate, causing leaks, cracks, and chipped paint. Fortunately, window services are available to restore your windows to their original condition and functionality. Window restoration is easier on your budget and highly effective in keeping everyone protected from the outdoors.

Here are four signs to help you determine if you need window restoration:

1.     Difficulty Opening and Closing Your Windows

It’s common for windows to get stuck when trying to open or close them, but if this is frequent, you may need to restore and repair your window. There are a few reasons why your window may be getting stuck, and all causes can be resolved without fully replacing the window. For example, the hinges and springs may have become loose or rusty, or the opening mechanism may be misaligned. Also, if you’ve replaced the paint nearby, too much paint can cause the window to become stuck. If you want some fresh air but your window is constantly jamming, consider hiring window restoration experts.

2.     Expensive Utility Bills

When the temperature outside drops, it’s reasonable that your heating utility bill will increase, as you’re trying to stay warm. However, when spring rolls around, your bill should drop, not increase or stay the same. Your windows are key factors in keeping your home insulated, and if you notice your utility bill is higher than you expect, you may need to restore or repair your windows. Maintaining your windows allows them to last longer and perform better.

3.     Your Windows Are Cracked

If you notice any cracks in your windows, you should repair them as soon as possible. Cracks can let in moisture and air, even if your windows are fully closed. Issues with moisture can cause mold growth and can damage the window, ruining its functionality. Window cracks are often considered mild inconveniences, but we recommend you address any cracks you have immediately. Even the smallest crack can cause major issues, especially if ignored for too long.

4.     Foggy Glass

Windows can get foggy at any time, and most of the time this isn’t an issue. However, if this is constant, then you might have an issue that needs to be addressed. Windows are designed to keep outside drafts from coming in, but if your window is failing to do this, this means there are gaps in your window that are allowing air in. This causes your windows to become foggy, but fortunately, there are restoration services that can repair any failing components, eliminating the foggy glass.

Window Makeover Can Help with Window Restoration

Windows are often overlooked by many, and this can lead to several issues when left untreated. If you’re struggling with any concerns as a result of poor window quality, the experts at Window Makeover are ready to assist you.

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