5 Most Common Door Repair Problems


Our doors have an important practical and aesthetic role to play in our homes. Doors keep us safe, help regulate the temperatures within our home, and serve as a quick means in and out. They also provide a first impression for those passing by or entering the home. Your door is a part of your home’s exterior and can complement the overall aesthetic of the home. We don’t often give our doors a second thought until there is some sort of an issue, however. It is beneficial to understand what common door problems you may encounter and what the solutions to those problems are in regards to door repair.

5 Common Door Problems

1. Drafts

Drafty doors can be quite frustrating, especially in the winter months. A draft can make your home feel uncomfortable, particularly for rooms that share the space with that door. You’ll have a harder time maintaining the desired temperature of the room. A draft can cause your heating and cooling system to go into overdrive, which in turn will increase your utility bills. Door drafts can cost you some serious money over the course of a year.

When it comes to addressing a door draft, you do have a few different options. You’ll need to start by pinpointing from where exactly the draft is coming. In most situations, you may need to install or replace weather stripping to provide a tight seal. If this easy door repair doesn’t work, you may have issues with the door or frame itself which could mean a full replacement is necessary.

2. Door Hinge Issues

Your door hinges play a vital role in the ability of your door to open and close. It is normal for hinges to become loose over time. This comes from daily use and is often a quick fix. If retightening the screws or lubricating the hinges doesn’t fix the issue, this could be due to age or rust. In this situation, it would be best to replace the entire hinge.

3. Door Not Latching

You rely on your door to provide a level of security for your home. A door that doesn’t stay latched is not just annoying, it could be a safety risk. You’ll want to check to see how the door fits in the frame. You may need to adjust the strike plate to restore ideal alignment. Your door needs to be hitting the strike plate to be able to successfully open and close.

4. Warped Door

A door can warp over time which can lead to numerous different issues such as a draft, sticking, or inability to properly latch the door. If the door wasn’t a perfect fit or has been exposed to a lot of moisture, warping can take place. If your door is damaged or warped, replacing the door is the best solution.

5. Uneven Door

When a door is not installed on a level surface it can become uneven. In most situations, one side of the door can end up higher than the other. You can use a level to determine if your door is uneven. It doesn’t take a drastic imbalance to cause issues with your door. If the problem is uneven flooring, you’ll need to trim down the latch or hinge side of the door to counteract the unevenness.

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