Your home is a huge investment, which is why it’s important to keep it protected. When your windows suffer damage because of old age or weather-related issues, you have to choose whether you’re going to restore or replace. Window Makeover offers insight on the many advantages of window restoration and how it can offer your home and wallet major benefits:

Preserves your home’s character


Windows add personality to your home. Restoring them to their original design keeps the character-defining features intact while offering the desired advantages of new windows, including energy efficiency, improved comfort and curb appeal.

Adds higher home value

It could take years to recoup the thousands you spend on new window replacement and installation. Numerous studies show that the return on investment and money you save on energy bills are significantly higher with window restoration versus replacement.

Only replaces the parts you need

Reputable, professional installation companies will swap only elements of your window, such as a sash, the glass or a frame that needs replaced. At Window Makeover, we use our company-owned mill to reverse engineer and duplicate the design of your original windows so we can create new replacement parts and restore them back to their unique potential, saving you up to 70% and maintaining the original integrity of your home!

Fast Results

Weather stripping or caulking an interior or exterior wood window will significantly improve its energy efficiency and value. Window restoration allows you to feel and see improvements right away.

Matches the look of your other windows

One of the main disadvantages of window replacement is your new windows likely won’t match the originals or complement your home’s unique exterior. At Window Makeover, we replicate over 30 different window manufacturers, allowing us to restore a variety of window designs to maintain the original look you love.

As a cost-effective and energy efficient solution, you can choose to restore your beautiful windows and conserve what makes your home special. Call Window Makeover today for a free evaluation, and see firsthand how a window makeover is the smart choice for all your window needs.