6 Signs It May Be Time to Repair Your Windows


Spring is in the air, and it’s a beautiful time of year where a well-kept window allows for beautiful views, fresh air, and inviting lighting in your home. However, after a long winter, your windows may be going through a rough time, and you may be noticing issues with their functionality and may be thinking about new windows. Luckily, there’s an easier solution, one where there’s no need to replace the entire window. At Window Makeover, we can repair your windows rather than replacing your windows in a cost-effective manner, improving the lifespan and beauty of your windows without the hassle of removing them entirely. 

While it may be obvious you need a repaired window when the glass is cracked, not every sign is as obvious.

Here are six other signs that you could benefit from window repair:

1.     Insulation failure
If you feel a bit of a chill in the air when you know you just checked the thermostat or extra see humidity as it starts to warm up, the insulation of your windows could be failing to function. Poorly insulated windows can cost 25-30% of your energy use and is a costly impact on your utility bill, but fixing this issue can save you money.
2.     Water damage
Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare and can cause many problems with your windows’ functionality, from rust to wood rot. With Indiana’s tendency for strong rainfall, it’s important to keep an eye on the potential of mold or water leaking around your windows and get your window repaired quickly before more damage occurs.
3.     Loud noises 
In addition to window leaks changing the temperature in your house, they could also change your noise levels. If you begin to notice the noises from down the road are a bit easier to hear than they used to be, that is another sign the insulation around your windows is not as tight as it should be.
4.     Bugs
If you’re finding more pests worming their way into your home, they may be getting through cracks and spaces in your windows. Getting window repair could be your ticket to a comfortable, bug-free home.
5.     Fog 
You look out of your windows one calm morning to look at your view — but the glass is fogged up! Wood frame warping or cracks in the glass can cause your window panes to collect moisture and fog up, even create condensation between your window panes, and is a good sign that you need window repair.
6.     Difficult to open and close
An older or damaged window is more likely to have a warped frame or broken mechanism that would make moving the window much more difficult. No one wants to have to slam their window shut, and this issue could speak to deeper issues that need to be fixed. Beyond being a bother, it can also be dangerous in the event of an emergency.


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