7 Benefits to Attic Insulation


It can be easy to forget about your attic space. Most likely, it’s a dusty space, storing an accumulation of memories and old things that you may never use again. Whether or not you use the collection of items stored in your attic, taking care to protect and maintain your attic is essential if you are looking to lower your bills and maintain a safe and healthy home environment. One way to care for your attic is by insulating it. Have you ever felt a draft in the winter? Have your bills always seemed to skyrocket the second you turn your heat on? Both these issues could be the cause of poor attic insulation.

With these seven benefits on why you should insulate your attic, you may begin to reconsider the importance of your attic space.

The Perks of Insulating Your Attic

1.     Regulating the Temperature of Your Home – If you are noticing that your home tends to fluctuate in temperature depending on what room you are in, this could be due to poor insulation. Insulating your attic will help control fluctuating temperatures in your home.

2.     Home Value Increase – Whether you have plans to sell your home in the future or not, having a properly insulated attic will make the value of your home rise, and it is a strong selling point to potential buyers.

3.     Reduces Your Energy Bill – Without proper insulation, heat can flow into your home in the summer and exit your home during the winter, charging you extra as you continue to crank up the heating/cooling. By insulating your attic, you are reducing this constant airflow, helping to lower your bills.

4.     Keeps Pests Away – Many of our nightmares are centered around finding pests in our homes. With poor attic insulation, these nightmares can come true as pests can enter through the worn parts of your attic.

5.     Creates Extra Space – You are most likely not using your attic to its full advantage. However, with proper insulation, your attic can become an additional room to your home: an extra bedroom, a playroom for children, or a getaway relaxation room for adults.

6.     Is Eco-Friendly – If you are looking for a simpler way to reduce your carbon footprint, insulating your attic is one of them. Attic insulation saves energy, therefore releasing less carbon dioxide into the environment.

7.     Increases Air Quality – By insulating your attic, you can keep pollutants such as dust, mold, and smoke from entering your home. Breathing in these pollutants can cause health problems, so keeping them out can benefit the health of you and your family.

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Attic insulation may be an intimidating cost at first, but when you think of all the money you will save in the long run, as well as the numerous benefits for your health and comfort, the investment is well worth it. At Exteriors by Window Makeover, we desire to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your home. Contact us to begin the process of insulating your attic space.

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