Baseball season can produce an emergency window repair

Baseball breaking window glass | Emergency Window Repair | Window Makeover

Summer is in full swing and kids are in the yard playing. While young Aiden is outside with his friends, he imagines he is Atlanta Brave Nick Markakis or Reds hitter Scooter Gennett. He swings and crash! A kitchen window breaks and a baseball lands in the sink. You need an emergency window repair.

No one plans for an emergency window repair. Luckily, your neighborhood window expert, Window Makeover, has the answers to walk you through the process. Time is of the essence and we need to get to work.

Clean Up and Prep Work

Before cleaning up, make sure you clear the area of any children or pets to ensure the broken glass won’t cause any harm. Additionally, always wear gloves and protective eyewear when removing any broken glass.

Next, make sure you have a heavy-duty material, such as a tarp, to collect the broken shards from the frame. If you have single pane windows, prep the area by removing the remaining glass, old caulk and glazing.

If there are larger pieces you don’t feel comfortable removing, you can place masking tape on the remaining glass. Lightly tap it with a hammer to remove the rest of the glass to prevent it falling out piece by piece.

For double pane windows, if only one pane is broken, you will need to go through the cleanup process. It’s best to call an expert for the remainder of the job. This will ensure the energy-saving properties are preserved.

If you have historic, older windows, you may not want to risk further damage. While some people are comfortable with a DIY project of replacing windows, others aren’t. If you’re not, call emergency window repair experts like Window Makeover.

Extensive Damage Needs Emergency Window Repair

If you have extensive damage, it’s best to call a professional for safety and future window integrity. In these cases, after you call Window Makeover, it’s best to board up the entire window opening. This task is much easier when done with help. Enlisting a family member or friend will make this task much easier.

When putting up the plywood, anchor it into the studs off the wall. Establish a safe measurement for the plywood by providing an extra inch on each side so you can drill into the studs around the window.

Insurance Claims for Emergency Window Repair

Emergency window repair for a typical window can be fairly simple for most homeowners. On the other hand, a broken window pane, frame and glass of a window spanning from the floor to ceiling can be pricey depending on the overall size.

If you plan on making an insurance claim when replacing these windows, don’t forget to photograph everything before and after you make any of these temporary repairs.

Document each area with damage to provide the insurance company with the proper information. We’re happy to provide quotes when emergency window repair is needed.

Window Makeover is here to guide you whether you need an emergency window repair or replacement for each situation.

Window Makeover – a Leader in Emergency Window Repair

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You take great pride in your house and we take great pride in our work. In fact, we offer a five-year satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers.

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