Beat the Summer Heat with a Home Window Repair

Beat the Summer Heat with a Home Window Repair - Image

Summer temperatures are climbing. If you haven’t checked your windows for leaks, the time is now. Sealing these costly leaks around your home brings peace of mind when you receive your next energy bill. All due to a simple home window repair.

The heat waves continue to roll over cities like Atlanta and even northern cities like Cincinnati. The UV index spikes to extreme levels. Your air conditioning should be staying in your home, not sneaking out of your windows. Find success when you discover and eliminate these leaks.

Window Makeover is here to guide you when you need a quality home window repair done right.

Visual Window Frame Inspection

First, walk around your home and visually inspect your windows inside and outside. While the elements outdoors cause more issues than indoors, you may see areas inside causing air leaks.

When outdoors, items like loose or no caulking is a tell-tale sign of air or moisture leaks. Additionally, if your home has single-paned windows, intact windows have a solid glaze or putty holding the windows in place. If there is a gap or fixative at all, tap the window to see if it moves.

As you walk through the interior of your home, look for loose, damaged or missing weather stripping. This is an identifier of your cold air making its way outdoors. Sometimes a simple replacement of the weather stripping can fix the problem. Prolonged exposure to moisture and changing temperatures, however, will warrant a full window repair.

Tech Gadgets For Window Repair

For those who need a home window repair, advanced technology identifies if you are losing precious air conditioning to the outdoors. Infrared thermometers are an easy and affordable tool to determine if there is warm air entering and cold air escaping.

Use infrared thermometers to measure temperatures at an identified window leak. First, take a reading of the room to get a base temperature. Then direct the thermometer toward the frame of the window, moving slowly around the entire frame. If a warmer temperature shows up, you have found an area with a leak.

These areas cause higher energy bills and warped or bowed window frames. They also let moisture in, which may cause mold growth on your windows. Once you identify a leak, contact the professionals at Window Makeover to recommend a home window repair or replacement.

Old Smokey, New Answers

The smoke test is one of the oldest tests to identify a window leak. This simple activity can determine your need for a window repair. This test requires the following:

  • All combustion appliances turned to the off position, such as your furnace
  • All exhaust fans or vents on throughout the home (creating negative pressure in the home)
  • Hold a lit incense stick, for example, and move it around each window and door frame. As you do, look for any rise or change in direction of the smoke

Time For The Pros to Perform Window Repair

If an air leak is identified, your air conditioning system must work harder to keep your home cool. Don’t hesitate when the hot Atlanta air is making its way into your home. If you aren’t comfortable identifying a leak in your windows, call in the professionals from Window Makeover.

The team at Window Makeover has over 18 years of experience in the complete restoration of wood windows. We believe in preserving the character and want to maintain the integrity of your home.

When you need a trusted name to provide assurance the cold air stays in and warm air out, contact <Window Makeover! Get your free at-home consultation and start saving today!

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement you could save up to 70% in costs.

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