Best Products to Use After Home Window Repair

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So, you have invested in home window repair to bring them back to life. What are the next steps? You need to keep them clean, pristine and protected. Do this for as long as you can and ensure a long lifespan.

After the pros at Window Makeover finish your home window repair, don’t stop using professional techniques. Here are a few ways you can keep those windows looking like new and some cleaning products to avoid.

Keep the Glass Clean After Home Window Repair

At least once every six months, clean the windows. Quarterly cleanings can help prolong the life of the glass and frame. There are a few steps every homeowner can take to wash windows like the pros:

Steps to Deep Clean Windows – Dish Soap, Squeegee & Chamois

  1. Dish soap and a warm bucket of water. Once you have your water and soap, ensure you have a proper strip applicator. This is a device to wash the window and is shaped like a squeegee except with a cloth head. This style of cleaning will knock the dirt loose from the window and shouldn’t leave any scratches.
  2. Rubber squeegee and a lint free cloth.After the window has been scrubbed by your strip applicator, grab a squeegee and begin from the top down. Use the link free cloth to wipe the squeegee blade after each pass. It’s important to properly remove any dirt or debris from the blade.
    1. For custom or multi-pane windows, we suggest getting a custom sized squeegee to ensure proper cleaning of the smaller glass panes. Use a handheld sponge or even a hog bristle brush to clean each area.
  3. Proper window drying. Once cleaned and squeegeed, get a chamois to wipe down the glass. This soaks up any excess water on the glass. Keep a regular rag handy to wipe down the windowsills and around the window frame.

Steps for a Quick Window Clean – Maintenance Cleaning Supplies

  1. Microfiber Glass Cloths. Always start with a microfiber glass cloth for spot cleanings of your new home window repair. These cloths are reusable, lint free and are compatible with water or your favorite household cleaner.
  2. Household Cleaners. Dripless cleaners such as Invisible Glass Cleaner is listed by Good Housekeeping as a great option. Again, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning with these products.

Avoid These Products After Home Window Repair

When cleaning your home’s windows, limit the use of products including ammonia and chlorine bleach. These can be harmful to your health as they emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs. notes, “If a cleaning product is emitting fumes from these compounds, you might feel a tickle in your throat, feel the urge to cough, get a headache, or experience burning or tearing of the eyes, nose, or throat,” says Lori Shah, MD, a transplant pulmonologist at New York – Presbyterian / Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Questions? Ask the Experts at Window Makeover!

Unsure of how to care for your windows? Consult with your local window professionals like Window Makeover. If you are in need of a home window repair, we’d be happy to take a look at your windows, provide restoration options and share basic maintenance guidelines including cleaning.

The team at Window Makeover has over 18 years of experience to handle any home window repair needs. We believe in preserving the character and integrity of your home.

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