Big Box vs Custom Window Replacement Company

Who Gets Your Business

Window replacement can be a bit tricky. After you make the decision, you are faced with, where to buy? Then, who will install? Do I hire a friend or a window replacement company? First, take a step back then decide what type of window you want in your home. Do you want to replace them one for one or customize them to your liking?

Consult with Window Makeover, a window replacement company of professional carpenters and window experts. They will provide you with the necessary information and answer design questions during a free consultation at your home.

Window Replacement Company

Once a decision has been made, you must weigh your options where you will get the best deal and get the quality new windows you want. Specialized companies like Window Makeover are highly educated and experienced with our products. We know exactly the services and abilities to serve each customers needs.

Do you know you need new windows, and not much else beyond knowing it’s time to buy? Don’t worry! A window replacement company like ours will walk you through the process. The personalized service gives you the confidence you aren’t missing anything. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done. This is unlikely with a home improvement company. You buy from us and we install them in your home. We’re not an employee at a counter currently assigned to the windows department.

When making a big purchase from a window replacement company, you will need additional accessories like screens, glass options and more. Our team has the knowledge and ability to answer all your questions.

Home Improvement Store

Home improvement stores have a wide variety of products, services and answers to questions you may have about the repairs you need done in your home. They will even carry many different types of windows from different manufacturers.

Homeowners often go directly to their local home improvement stores to buy replacement windows because they don’t know a more convenient option. Many people like to see, feel and read specifications on different types of windows to form their own opinions.

Shoppers will see different options in front of them, except the question remains, are home improvement stores where they should be purchasing their windows?

For some, the answer is yes. It truly can depend on a wide variety of circumstances. Before making a big purchase at the store ask if the staff is trained on current information on all the windows they carry. Do they know what codes need to be followed for your home specifically?

Some workers may be highly knowledgeable and have the answers you need. They may be completely truthful and honest. The risk is some aren’t and are willing to sell you anything without measurements or seeing your home’s current windows.

In the end, if you have standard windows, you may be able to shop at a home improvement store and get a great deal. If you have a trusted contractor you want to use, this may be an option as well.

Hiring A Window Replacement Company

It is, however, easier to do this all in one place. A window replacement company like Window Makeover, provide customers an all-in-one experience. Window Makeover employs custom carpenters, window experts and has quality reviews from past customers, The Window Makeover journey begins with a free home consultation and ends leaving a home cleaner than before.

Once you have identified a few different capable contractors, ensure you get quotes. Ask about warranty information for the windows you are getting. This can be a big factor when making a large purchase like this.

When you need a trusted name to walk you through the window replacement process, contact Window Makeover! Get your free at-home consultation and start saving today!

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement you could save up to 70% in costs.

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