Window Repair Terminology to Know

When figuring out window repair needs, you may be confused by certain terms. Here’s a quick vocabulary lesson to provide clarity when you have a window repair project. Whenever you undertake home improvement, it’s best to make an informed purchase decision. The lingo of window repair helps you understand what is offered, compare quotes, and […]

Window Repair When Your Home Settles

Homes can settle up to 10 years after they are built and create a need for window repair. If there is damage to your windows from settling, we can work with you to come up with a repair plan. After construction, homes can settle due to soil issues. Improper soil backfill, the type of soil […]

Guide for Fall Home Window Preparation

It is officially Fall. The weather is cooling off, the sun is setting sooner and the kids are all back to school. You may look out your windows and see leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. When looking out the window, it is time to begin your fall home window preparation plans. Do […]

Big Box vs Custom Window Replacement Company

Who Gets Your Business Window replacement can be a bit tricky. After you make the decision, you are faced with, where to buy? Then, who will install? Do I hire a friend or a window replacement company? First, take a step back then decide what type of window you want in your home. Do you […]

Repairing Historic Home Windows is a Breeze

Historic homes are jewels throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. Many have beautiful windows while others, sadly, may have battered, broken and even crumbling windows. These historic home windows were designed with great carpentry and architecture. Luckily, they can be brought back to their full beauty with historic home windows repair. For numerous reasons, many […]

Honoring Window Makeover’s Hard Workers

Over 124 years ago, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September Labor Day. Here at Window Makeover, we would not be here without the hard work of our dedicated team. To our field supervisors, installation crews, sales team, project managers and our office staff, we say thank you! You’ve put in such […]