How Many Window Panes Do You Need for Window Repair?

When undergoing window repair, you may have a choice as to how many window panes you need. The right number for your home depends on the efficiency of the window, cost, the window’s location, and the types of weather exposure. The window repair pros at Window Makeover help you find the best combination of window […]

How to Choose the Best Window Repair Company

When you need window repairs, selecting the right company will make all the difference in your overall satisfaction. As you evaluate window repair companies, consider these five factors that will help you determine which company can best meet your needs and budget. Contact Window Makeover today to schedule your window repair estimate with our trusted […]

Best Glass Options for your Southern Atlanta Home Window Repair

Homes in southern Atlanta are exposed to a unique set of elements compared to homes in other areas of the country. We enjoy more sunny days, while facing storms and other weather issues. When it comes to window repair, selecting the right glass type is essential to improving home comfort and efficiency. Window Makeover offers […]

What Are the Different Shapes and Sizes for Window Replacement

When selecting window replacement products for your home, there are numerous shapes and sizes available to choose. Window Makeover’s wide range of options allows you to create the aesthetic you want at a price you can afford. Installed by our skilled employees and backed by excellent warranties, window replacement is a valuable investment in your […]

High Demand Trade Jobs Include Window Repair and Replacement

Education costs continue to rise, leaving young adults and those looking to make a career change with mounting debts to obtain a degree. Trade jobs such as those in window repair and replacement offer many benefits with comparatively low education costs. Is a career in window repair and replacement right for you? Why Pursue a […]

Holiday Decoration Mishaps Create Window Repair Needs

Holidays are fun times for families and friends and if you go all-out with your décor, it’s likely your home’s windows are involved. Sometimes, an accident creates the need for window placement or repair. Don’t worry – Window Makeover helps you prepare for window repair! Schedule Window Repair Have your calendar handy and call Window […]