Trick or Treaters Outside Windows | Window Repair Preparation | Window Makeover

Holidays are fun times for families and friends and if you go all-out with your décor, it’s likely your home’s windows are involved. Sometimes, an accident creates the need for window placement or repair. Don’t worry – Window Makeover helps you prepare for window repair!

Schedule Window Repair

Have your calendar handy and call Window Makeover to schedule window repair. Your availability to meet with our technicians will help us schedule your appointment as soon as possible! When your windows are damaged, you don’t want to put off repairs. It’s possible the damage has left your home vulnerable to security or weather concerns.

We do our best to quickly accommodate window repair needs which pose a safety or security threat to your household. When you call, be sure to let us know the nature of your repair need – what happened, what is damaged, and the extent of the damage.

Prepare Your Home for Window Repair

Before your window repair appointment, there are several steps you can take to prepare your home. This way, work can be performed quickly and with minimal disruption.

  1. The damaged window or portions of it may need to be removed to make repairs. This process can disrupt nearby wall hangings. Before your appointment, remove picture frames, mirrors, artwork and other wall hangings from the window wall.
  2. Remove window treatments so your technician can easily access the window requiring repair.
  3. Clear furniture or other items immediately in front of the window. This creates a clear path to the work zone for your technician. Moving these items also protects them from any debris in the immediate area while the window repair is performed.
  4. You may also wish to cover nearby furniture and items as well as flooring with drop cloths, though our team takes great care to perform window repairs neatly and respect your home.

Prior to Window Repair

On the day of your window repair appointment, make sure you or another person you trust will be home. Your technician may need access to the indoors to perform needed repairs.

If you have any questions about the work needed or what is being done, feel free to ask before our technicians get started. We want you to fully understand the process and be comfortable with our services, so we happily take the time to answer your questions.

Also, make sure children and pets are kept away from work areas during window repairs. This is for their safety as well as the safety of our team.

We want to keep everyone comfortable during our work processes, and the noise and strangers in the home may be startling to younger kids and pets.

Don’t let broken windows spoil your holiday fun – contact Window Makeover for quick window repair! Following the simple steps outlined above ensures your window repair service goes smoothly!