Door Glass Repair

Cracked Glass for Your Doors?

Door glass is found in many types of exterior doors, including entry doors, sliding glass doors, storm doors, and French doors. Door glass’s beautiful shape and styling allows homeowners to create an eye-catching focal point that also functions for visibility and to allow natural light in.

Door glass damage is commonly caused by an object striking and cracking the glass. Door glass panels can experience seal failures just like window glass, allowing moisture in to create unwanted fogginess. Glass door panes that are not installed securely can also break if the door is shut with force. Damage to door glass not only ruins this aesthetic but compromises the security and energy efficiency of your home. Contact Window Makeover today for a free door glass repair estimate.

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Our Door Glass Repair Process

Window Makeover’s door glass repair process restores the beauty of your glass doors while preserving function and energy efficiency. Our door glass repair craftsmen first takes an assessment of the damage to your door glass to find the best method for repair. Once the method is determined, we will install new insulated glass panes that fit the exact dimensions of your door glass panels. 

Using our innovative Crave Mill, we reverse engineer custom components that meet the specifications of your original components. Custom door glass solutions are available to replace broken or damaged door glass to create the effects you desire.

Door Glass Repair Warranty

Window Makeover backs all new insulated glass units we install with a 10-year seal failure warranty as well as a five-year labor warranty.

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