Door Hardware Repair

Is Your Door Hardware Not Holding Up?

Properly functioning door hardware is essential for security and ease of use for any door. Door hardware includes a wide range of door knobs, locksets, electronic door locks, entrance handlesets, hinges, door jamb security hardware, night latches, and peep holes. Door hardware is available in a multitude of styles, configurations, and finishes, allowing homeowners to select pieces that not only meet their functional requirements but complement the aesthetics of the home’s interiors and exterior.

Malfunctioning door hardware makes doors difficult to operate and can pose security concerns. Door hardware repair may be necessary due to improper installation or damage to the hardware. Window Makeover offers quick, quality door hardware repairs to preserve the functionality of your home’s interior and exterior doors.

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Our Door Hardware Repair Process

For any door hardware repair, our goal is to ensure your hardware is restored to proper function for improved door operation and security. Our skilled craftsmen will inspect your door hardware for damage and to identify any factors that have contributed to damage, such as poor installation.

Repairs are made to affected hardware and external factors corrected to ensure the hardware is installed securely and functions properly. If your door hardware is damaged beyond repair, we can assist you in selecting new hardware that offers the functionality you desire while complementing your home’s aesthetics.

Door Hardware Repair Warranty

All door hardware installed by Window Makeover is backed by a five-year material and workmanship defect warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every project we complete.

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