Early Signs of Wood Rot: Prevention and Treatment


Wood rot not only harms your home aesthetically, but can also result in severe damage to the home if ignored. Wood rot is caused by fungal growth in damp environments. When the wood rots away, water can enter the area and cause significant damage. This is most common in homes surrounded by trees.

When wood rot is left unchecked, your windows can lose their functionality, which can lead to issues to both the inside and outside of your home. Windows break down over time naturally, but wood rot can accelerate this process. It’s important to understand the early signs of wood rot, no matter where you live.

Here are some early signs of wood rot to be aware of:

·      Wood Damage

If you notice cracks, discoloration, or splinters, then the wood may be rotting. If this is the case, the wood can break down and become softer, darker in color, and smaller. The wood quickly becomes weaker, meaning it will struggle to function properly. This can cause severe issues, even causing your window to fall apart entirely. Regularly check your windows for wood damage, and if you notice any unusual signs, address them as soon as possible.

·      Peeling Paint

If you notice the paint or wallpaper is peeling or “bubbling”, then moisture has moved outside the window frame. The paint can also flake and crack, which is a warning that the wood may be rotting away. Check on your windows’ paint every once in a while, and if you notice anything different, examine the wood for damage.

·      Stains and Discoloration

Some individuals will simply cover up any stains they see by their windows in order to make the area more visually pleasing. However, this is only covering up the root issue. The wood underneath could be weakening, and unwanted moisture may be the reason why. If you notice any stains near your window, look underneath to determine the issue.

·      Musty Smell

If your window is giving off a foul odor, you may have moisture inside your home that you don’t want. Water damage and mold can result in a scent that can not only be a minor inconvenience, but can also cause further damage to your window if ignored. This smell is the result of fungus breaking down the wood, and if you can smell this, look into the problem as soon as you can.

·      Mold

Mold can be a severe health hazard, so if you notice mold, you need to address it immediately. Wood rot can lead to mold growing at your windows, and this can damage your home and get people sick if not promptly dealt with.

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