Everything You Need to Know About Roof Coating


Is the roof of your home or business coated to protect it from damage? If not, you should consider installing a roof coating for long-lasting protection for your residential or commercial roof. A roof is built to endure the wrath of mother nature, from intense winds to penetrating UV rays, heavy rain, and temperature fluctuations, but it can be made even more durable with the proper coating added to its surface.

If you don’t know what roof coating is, here’s everything you need to know about a roof coating.

What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is exactly what it sounds like. It is a thick, liquid-based formula made of high-quality resin that, when applied to your roof, provides numerous benefits that save you time, energy, and money by extending the life of your roof.

Different Types of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings come in several different forms. The material you choose for your roof coating will determine its application and its long-term performance. The following materials are used for coating roofs:

Asphalt Roof Coatings – These coatings are made of either water-based solutions (called emulsions) or solvent-based solutions (called cutbacks) that provide a thick, flexible, protective barrier for asphalt roofs.

Acrylic Roof Coatings – These coatings are water-based, making them a great option for most weather conditions and types of roof finishes. The major benefits of acrylic coating are cost-effectiveness and durability—acrylic roofs are known to last for 20 years (or more).

Polyurethane Roof Coatings – These coatings are typically applied in a thin coat along rooftop surfaces and are used as a protectant from UV rays and moisture.

Silicone Roof Coatings – Silicone roof coatings are extremely durable due to their high-solid base, which also makes the coating highly adhesive. Like acrylic coatings, silicone coatings are suitable for various weather conditions, are flexible, and protect roofs for about 20 years.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are excellent ways to add extra protection to a vital part of your home or business. The primary benefits of roof coating include, but are not limited to:

  • An environmentally friendly option that extends the life of your roof
  • Prevents the growth of mildew, moss, and mold
  • Restores shingles to their original vibrant color
  • Bonds shingle granules for added durability
  • Adds UV protection
  • Certain types of coating can add some level of fire resistance
  • Helps the roof with wind resistance
  • Helps the roof with impact resistance
  • Can help reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling your home or business
  • Can save you money on repairs, or even a total re-roofing project

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