Exterior Design Trends

Many homeowners are looking ahead to home improvement and how their homes can continue to provide a beautiful exterior. Whether you’re looking for some visual interest in your house or getting it ready to sell, here are some exterior design trends to expect for home exterior.

Bold Contrast

A change in the color of your exterior is a common way to stand out and give your home an all-over makeover. A new color can make a house that was blending into the background suddenly pop to owners and neighbors alike. Selecting a sharply contrasting color in a new trend, such as going with a white or black repaint. Replacing vinyl siding can be fairly easy, and cement fiber can be repainted or re-stained.

White exteriors are very popular sellers for homes, and it’s a classic choice for eye-catching and stylish siding. A current style trend is a black or dark exterior. A change to a much darker siding or even a black metal roof is sure to make your home stand out visually. Several off-white shades also provide a clean and bright look while being easier to maintain.

Using both white and black additions as contrasting elements in your home is also a trending design choice. The colors will offset each other, varying the look of your house, and creating depth of contrast.


Accents are a simple way to update your home, giving it a fresh look without overhauling the entire design. Accents can follow the black-and-white look, or they can be in another bright or contrasting color. If your siding is already light, accent it with dark wood around the windows and doors. If your home is darker, try a bold or bright color for the door or roof to make the home pop.

Visually Distinct Textures

In addition to depth of color contrast, depth of texture contrast will bring your home the interesting exterior it needs. When selecting different color blocks for your exterior, and you want to show off architectural features like a connected garage, consider different textures of siding. Vinyl siding can be made to look like wood or stone while providing the same level of protection.

Fiber cement siding can be similarly made with different colors and textures. Outfitting your home with a couple of well-placed color blocks with their own siding texture will make the house like no other.

A metal roof is also a great way to bring a new texture to your home’s exterior, all while providing amazing levels of insulation and protection from the weather.

Natural Earth Tones

Another color scheme that is beginning to trend is darker and natural earth tones, such as beige, mossy green, dark brown, navy, or maroon. Like black sidings, these darker shades create depth and interest. These colors work well with visually distinct textures, like warm wood siding, and create a cozy appearance for your home.

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