Foggy Glass Repair

Why Are My Windows All Foggy?

When seals between insulated window glass panes fail, moisture can leak in between the panes. As moisture seeps in, the gases sealed between insulated glass panes meant to improve efficiency escape. Desiccant materials within the glass panes will hold moisture, eventually creating a foggy appearance as it condenses.

Foggy glass is a common issue found in older windows where components have deteriorated over time. Seals sitting in water for long periods of time, hot air expansion between insulated glass panes, and even old age can lead to seal failure, creating foggy glass. Foggy glass is not only an aesthetic issue, but it is a sign of reduced window efficiency and poor performance. If you notice fogged window panes in your home, contact Window Makeover for a free estimate to repair your foggy glass issue.

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Our Foggy Glass Repair Process

Foggy glass in your windows needs to be addressed right away, as this is an indicator of moisture issues. Window efficiency is also diminished due to broken seals, leading to rising energy bills. When performing foggy glass repair, Window Makeover’s skilled craftsmen assess your affected windows to identify the malfunctioning components responsible for the moisture leak.

During the repair process, our expert team removes the damaged components and uses a reverse engineering process to reproduce precise duplicate replacements. New insulated glass panes and sashes are installed which are an exact match for your existing window. This process allows us to replace just the affected glass panes rather than the entire window, saving you the expense of a total window replacement.

Foggy Window Repair Warranty

Window Makeover backs all insulated glass replacements with a 10-year warranty, protecting against seal failure, with a five-year labor warranty.

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