Give Your Windows the Winter Checkup


As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, the relentless march of winter weather is gaining on us. Colder temps are just a few short weeks away. It’s the time that nagging voice in your heads asks – “are my doors and windows ready, willing and able for what lies ahead”?

Drafts, leaks and poorly fitting windows and doors could cause the season to become a chilly nightmare. Windows are the most vulnerable point in your home when it comes to keeping the cold weather out. You should determine NOW if your windows and doors are capable of seeing your family through until spring 2021.

Check for cold air leaks.
Determine if your windows are allowing air to escape from your home. Take advantage of the next breezy day and feel around each opening to determine if each window still have airtight integrity.

Check exterior caulking.
Visually inspect your windows and make sure each window is airtight. Caulk should be supple and not brittle or cracked. If you detect cracks, re-seal with fresh caulk.

Determine if all windows open and close properly.
Windows that are difficult to open or close – or, get jammed and off their tracks easily are likely not very efficient. Check locks too to make sure they operate securely. These malfunctioning windows can likely be repaired by Window Makeover.

Look for signs of perspiration and condensation.
Are there drops of water between the double pane window glass? Is there permanent discoloration on the panes? This is one of the most common problems we help to solve. Moisture and cloudy glass are signs that the seal on your glass is broken. These windows are not only unsightly – they are letting too much of the outside in.

Finally, inspect for damaged, wet or rotten wood on the window sash or frame. Years of interior condensation can exact a toll on older windows. Remember, Window. Makeover’s experience can help you save money by repairing and, not replacing the substandard windows in your home.

Trust Window Makeover

Rotten wood, foggy glass and broken hardware detract from your home’s look and feel. Plus, these problems can lead to more costly home repairs and structural damage. Our unique repair process can get your home ready for winter without the costly step of window replacement.

The expert window technicians at Window Makeover can create cost-effective solutions to restore your damaged windows with the utmost quality.

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement we could save you money.

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