Best Glass Options for your Southern Atlanta Home Window Repair

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Homes in southern Atlanta are exposed to a unique set of elements compared to homes in other areas of the country. We enjoy more sunny days, while facing storms and other weather issues. When it comes to window repair, selecting the right glass type is essential to improving home comfort and efficiency.

Window Makeover offers a selection of glass options for window repair. We will help you choose the best glass for energy efficiency and durability. Below, learn more about our window repair glass options.

Glass for Window Repair

When choosing glass for windows in your southern home, the following options are available:

Insulated glass

This glass uses two or more window panes (double or triple pane) hermetically sealed and separated by a spacer. The space is filled with air to create insulation. Insulated windows help retain heating and cooling energy within your home.


This window glass is insulated glass filled with a gas (typically argon or krypton) instead of air. The use of gas creates a higher level of insulation versus air. Gas-filled windows offer quality insulation during Atlanta’s mild winters.

Laminated glass

These windows are two panes of glass bonded together, with a polyvinyl butyral layer between the panes. When bonded, a single pane is formed. Laminated glass offers increased safety in the event of breakage, as fragments will stick to the inner later rather than shattering and falling.

Tempered glass

This is made using a tempering process which adds strength and impact resistance. Tempered windows are stronger against wind pressure and impacts from foreign objects in the wind during Atlanta storms.

Reflective coatings

The coatings limit the amount of sunlight transmitted through a window. Reflective coatings reduce heat gain in your home for better heating and cooling efficiency. They also work to reduce glare.

Tinted Glass

Tint protects your windows from UVA and UVB rays. Tinted windows also protect your interiors and the contents of your home from fading and other damage caused by sun exposure.

Blocking these rays with tinted windows cuts heat gain in your home, therefore lowering your cooling costs. Tinted glass helps reduce glare both inside and out.

Spectrally selective coatings

Coatings on a window filter up to 70 percent of the heat usually filtered through an insulated glass window. While blocking heat, it allows full sunlight to reach your interiors. Spectrally selective coatings are excellent for enjoying sunny Atlanta days without heating up your home from sunlight exposure.

Low-E coatings

Low-emissivity control heat gain through windows coming from other sources than the sun. These windows offer a great reduction in energy costs during colder temperatures.

Window Repair Glass Options for Atlanta Homes

Maximize energy efficiency and prevent heat gain indoors with the right glass for window repair in your Atlanta, Georgia, home. Combining gas filled windows with heat-reducing coatings such as low-E deliver the highest level of energy efficiency and comfort you can gain from your windows.

Glass options such as tempered or laminated glass offer improved safety during storm season.

Choosing the right glass options for window repair will impact home comfort and energy efficiency. Window Makeover’s window repair experts will help you select the best glass for your Southern Atlanta area home.

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