Guide for Fall Home Window Preparation

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It is officially Fall. The weather is cooling off, the sun is setting sooner and the kids are all back to school. You may look out your windows and see leaves changing colors and falling from the trees.

When looking out the window, it is time to begin your fall home window preparation plans. Do you have drafty windows,? Do they open and close properly or are they stuck shut? With the kids back in school, it’s time to start those fall projects.

Warm Air In, Cold Air Out

This fall as the temperatures drop to a comfortable level, the HVAC units take a break. You may not realize you have drafty windows. They may need a new application of caulk or completely resealed. Take advantage of this time to get the work done before it gets too cold outdoors.

Here are a few considerations when preparing your home windows for the fall.

  • Drafts – If you have a draft in your home window, your winter heating bills can skyrocket. Your furnace tries to keep rooms warm while your windows are letting cold air enter and warm air escape. Caulking is an excellent option for a quick fix.
  • Exterior Window Sills – If a window sill is not properly angled or sloped, it may become a gutter for your home window. This could invite water damage and wood rot. Inspect and check these seasonally.
  • Window Air Conditioning Units – If you happen to have a window air conditioning unit, take it out and properly inspect your window for any damage.
  • Storm Windows – For homes which have storm windows, replace the screens on a temperate day so you can enjoy fall breezes. When you do replace the screens with storm windows, please check for drafts and any damage.

Fall Home Window Repair or Replacement

When preparing your home for fall you may come across some damage you didn’t know existed. There is always the DIY route, and in some cases can solve the problem until spring. Weather stripping, caulk and simple wood repairs are all minor items you can patch until spring and summer return.

Check both inside and out on your windows and doors with windows. Regular inspections may identify extensive damage, which requires a home window repair before the really cold weather arrives.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Repair or Replace A Home Window

Depending on your location in the country, you could replace or repair your home’s windows any time of the year. Ideally, you want to do these repairs and replacements with your home window company when the thermometer is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, try to get the work done on a sunny day to help with the expansion of the materials. Additionally scheduling mid-day will provide for the best opportunity to hit peak temperatures in late fall or early winter.

Home Window Pros – Window Makeover

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