Historical Restoration of Storm Windows

Need Expert Restoration for Your Storm Windows?

Storm windows are an important feature that can be found both inside and on the exterior of historical homes. They are affixed on the outside of the window, hung over the home’s existing historical window. Exterior storm windows protect wood windows from damage caused by sun and weather exposure, while also working to save energy. Interior storm windows are also meant to conserve energy.

Storm windows are a valuable asset in protecting historical windows from costly repairs. When storm windows sustain damage, it is important to have them fixed properly not only to meet restoration restrictions, but to ensure the preservation of the original windows being protected. Window Makeover offers expert historical restoration for storm windows – contact us today to request a free estimate.

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Our Storm Window Historical Restoration Process

Maintaining the beauty and original integrity of your historical home is of the utmost importance for any restoration project we perform. When conducting storm window historical restoration, our skilled craftsmen carefully assess your storm windows for damage to determine the necessary repairs.

We reverse engineer replacement components to fit the exact specifications of your storm window’s original pieces. This process allows us to make accurate repairs without sacrificing the integrity or beauty of your historic windows.

Storm Window Historical Restoration Warranty

Window Makeover takes pride in achieving total customer satisfaction. All storm window historical restoration projects are backed by our five-year material and labor defect warranty.

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