Holiday Decorating: What NOT to Do.


You should always use caution when hanging holiday decorations – especially if perched atop a two-story ladder! Be careful for your own safety, but it’s also important to take a few small precautions to protect your home’s exterior. We hope you limit the use of hammers, nails or screws with these seasonal installations.

Minimize the “damage” to your windows.

You want your home to reflect your unique expression of the holidays – especially in a year like 2020. Our advice is to avoid drilling or nailing into window or sash exteriors and not to penetrate trim boards to decorate. If having that particular wreath or window array is simply non-negotiable, make sure you remove any exterior nails or screws at the end of the holiday season. Be sure to caulk the holes or gaps as soon as the weather allows.

Gutter clips, shingle tabs and adhesive hooks.

At Window Makeover, we are all about protecting your investment in keeping your home airtight and secure. Here are some decorating “work-arounds” that will let you display your holiday spirit and not put the integrity of your windows at risk:

Gutter hooks are inexpensive and easy to install because they’re made of a bendable plastic. However, they can sometimes slide along the gutter since they aren’t always designed to fastened in a stationary place. These plastic S-shaped gutter hooks are available online and at local home improvement stores.

Shingle tabs are L-shaped and have 2 prongs on one side and a small hole on the top. To install, slide the prongs under a shingle. You will know it is in the correct position if the side with the hole is sticking up into the air. The size of the hole on the tab will normally be large enough to accommodate up to C7 or C9 bulbs.

Adhesive hooks are great for siding or other smooth surfaces. To position these plastic clips, peel the protective paper off the back and hold the sticky side onto the surface. Note that they don’t work well on textured surfaces. Also, be cautious when using adhesive hooks on window glass – especially with heavier decorations. It’s possible to break or crack the glass under a heavier load.

We found most all of these items at Walmart, Lowe’s, and local hardware stores.

Seasonal Condensation.

Finally, as you try to make your home cozy for the holidays, you may notice frost or ice accumulating on the inside of a glass panel. This is especially prominent in extreme cold weather. This condensation is due to outside air seeping in and hitting the warm interior air – or, a sign of high humidity in your home.

A dehumidifier will provide some short term relief. However, that condensation might be an indicator of a larger problem. Let’s hope it’s not due to an old nail hole from Christmases past!

This is just the type of thing the Window Makeover can help to diagnose and repair. Contact us here. Here’s wishing you all a safe and prosperous holiday season.

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