Home Window Repair is the Perfect Upgrade before Selling your Home

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It’s best to complete basic repairs before you put your home on the market. Making repairs or upgrades attracts more buyers. Home window repair is one way you can invest in getting a better or more competitive selling price.

Homebuyers with an experienced, veteran real estate agent will likely hire the same in a home inspector. Don’t leave a positive report on your windows to chance. Experts like Window Makeover can give you peace of mind and value in your home with home window repair.

Historic Home Window Repair

If your home has designer or historic windows, it’s best to call in the pros for recommendations. If not, blindly replacing all the windows can add up fast. Before you invest in all-new replacement windows, consider window repair and the addition of storm windows.

Experts say properly-restored windows combined with good weatherization and high-quality storm windows give 100-year-old windows another lifetime of existence.

Window Maintenance

Selling a home is much easier when window maintenance is routinely performed. Here are a few points to remember when considering when, how and why you should maintain your windows:

  • Landscaping. When your home has mature vegetation, such as trees or shrubbery, it’s likely there’s wear and tear on the glass and frame. Regular trimming of the landscaping should be considered to keep the landscaping out of reach of the windows.
  • Weather. In areas like Atlanta where there can be severe storms or Cincinnati and Indianapolis which face tornadic activity, leaves, debris and clutter cling to the glass and frames. This requires more frequent cleaning and removal.
  • Location, Location, Location. If your home is located next to a highway, interstate or even a busy street, it can accumulate residue, dirt and debris quickly. Clean and maintain windows in your home more often if you are in this type of area.

Checklist For Homeowners

Homeowners should maintain their windows so when the time comes to sell, an inspection report will not show a need for a home window repair. These simple tips will keep your windows ready to shine when it’s time to sell your home:


  • Check for moisture built-up in the corners or in between panes on dual-pane windows.
  • Ensure locks are fully operational. Windows with non-operational locks can lead to issues causing a need for home window repair
  • Don’t ignore scratches. These can worsen over time. If not cared for and identified they can cause a need for professional work.
  • Check the glass in your window to see if it fits tightly into the frame. Increasing and decreasing of temperatures creates expanding and contracting issues for your windows.


  • Always ensure your windows have proper seals, whether they are wooden or vinyl. This will ensure you aren’t losing cold air during the summer or letting heat out during the winter.


  • Just like you clean your home, you need to clean your windows regularly to prolong their shelf life. Avoid harsh chemicals and rough materials.


  • Never put off repairing even the smallest issues. The sooner a fix is made, the longer the integrity of the window will hold.

Call for Home Window Repair with Quality Provider Window Makeover

Window Makeover guides you through identifying if you need a home window repair or replacement for each situation. Continued maintenance will ensure your home is ready to go as you’re ready to sell.

The team at Window Makeover has over 18 years of experience in the complete restoration and replacement of windows. They want to help homeowners preserve the home’s character and its integrity.

You take great pride in your home and we take great pride in our work. That’s why we offer a five-year satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. When you need a trusted name to provide assurance your windows will highlight the sale of your home, contact Window Makeover for your free at-home consultation!

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement we could save you money.

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