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Stains come in all forms and sizes. Home windows, while made of glass, are often victims of staining. A home’s visual aesthetics often include a well designed window layout. Stains from hard water, tree sap and other natural elements can cause an eye sore for you inside and outside your home.

Location, cleaning schedules and mature landscaping all play a part in how and when windows can be stained. Knowing your surroundings can help keep your windows clean.

Types of Stains

Hard water is the most common stain on home windows and can come from many different sources. Essentially, hard water is water high in mineral content. Many homes with wells may have this type of stain if you have a sprinkler system or watering system which directly hits your windows.

Mature landscaping often leads to small tar-looking spots or tree sap. These often solidify and become hard to remove.

Where You Live Affects Your Home Windows

There are places in Cincinnati with hard water and mature landscaping. Historic, established neighborhoods or more wooded areas are likely to have mature trees. Depending on where you live in and around the city, you may see tree sap and other natural elements sticking to and possibly staining your home windows.

Any resident on a well water system will have some level of hard water. A town’s geography and geological features also play a part. Residents who receive water from a fresh source, like a lake, for example, are less likely to have hard water than those channeling groundwater.

These residents should be wary about watering their yard, shrubbery and other plants near home windows.

3 Steps to Clean Stains From Home Windows

Hard water stains are often resolved using these three steps:

  1. First, mix water and vinegar into a bottle, preferably with a spray nozzle. The mixture should be ⅓ water to ⅔ vinegar. Spray the solution over a window with hard water stains and let soak for 1-2 minutes. Second, wipe off with a dry cloth.

    It may take a few tries to get the desired results. If the hard water stains remain, you may need to move to the next step.

  2. A trade secret you may already have in your home is oven cleaner. Oven cleaner is used to remove pretty intense food combinations. It is also able to clean off hard water stains.

    Use rubber gloves and spray the cleaner on a clean towel. Then rinse with warm water. Keep it off any painted or plastic surfaces.

  3. Commercial cleaners such as CLR have been known to remove hard water stains in bathrooms, outdoor water faucet areas and can be used for windows as well. Abrasive powders may work, just be mindful of scratches. Look for terms like “delicate” or “safe for nonstick surfaces.”

Tree Sap stains can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol on a clean dry towel applied with firm pressure. Commercial cleaning supplies may also be an option.

In the event you are finding it hard to clean your windows, a window repair or replacement could be needed. If you’re unsure, call in the professionals.

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