How Storm Windows Restore Historical Homes


Owning and maintaining a historical home can be a lot of work. You want to maintain the look and original architecture as much as possible, yet modernize where you can to ensure the home is kept up-to-date and in working order. Windows are a key aspect of the character of a historic home, yet they are not intended to be used for decades.

Old windows can be a source of drafts that contribute to energy loss. This can make the home feel uncomfortable and result in high energy bills. When your older windows are causing issues, but you don’t want to replace them due to the historic status of the home, storm windows can be the perfect solution.

Why Use Storm Windows?

Storm windows are the perfect way to restore existing windows in a historical home without the need for a full window replacement. There are a lot of downsides that come with considering full window replacement. These include:

· Lack of sustainability – In recent years, it has become increasingly important to be more conscious of choices made in home improvement that can negatively impact the environment. Unless you are repurposing the glass and materials for an artistic endeavor, odds are the old windows will end up in a landfill.

· High Replacement Cost – Especially in a historic home, odds are that you’ll be looking to replace all the windows. You could find yourself paying three times more to fully replace the windows vs. the lower cost of restoration through the use of a storm window.

· Extensive Labor – Replacing windows can be a lot of hard work. This is both financially draining and time-consuming. With storm windows, installation is easy and can be done by a single person.

· Loss of Aesthetic – When dealing with a historic home, you want to change as little as possible to maintain the original aesthetic. When it comes to installing new windows, they simply can’t provide the same look and feel as the original window. You may have a hard time finding the same materials used, especially when it comes to the wood. With a storm window, you maintain the aesthetic since storm windows are hardly noticeable.

When it comes to avoiding the downfalls of window replacement, storm windows provide the solution you need.

Benefits of Storm Windows

There are numerous benefits associated with installing a storm window in a historic home. One of the best benefits is the ability to maintain the original windows while still seeing an improvement in energy use. Old windows can be a source of serious drafts. This puts increased pressure on your heating and cooling system which results in higher monthly bills. With a storm window installation, you can address the draft issue. With the money you saved choosing to install storm windows, in addition to the monthly savings you’ll receive for lower heating costs, this solution is also the most cost-effective.

Learn More Today

Storm windows are the ideal solution for a drafty historic home. With the help of a professional, installation is a breeze. Storm windows are barely noticeable and can be installed without modifications to the window frame. Your windows will perform like they are brand new. If you want to learn more, let the professionals at Window Makeover help. Contact us to discover more about the perks of storm window installation.

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