How to Prepare for Window Restoration Services

It can be very exciting to start making needed home repairs, especially when said repairs are both functional and aesthetic. Windows are a great example of this. There are many aspects of window restoration to consider prior to having your windows repaired that will allow you to get amazing results, at an affordable price. At Window Makeover, we specialize in window restoration at prices that are hard to beat. If you are ready to restore the windows on your home, we have repair and restoration services that will suit your budget and functionality needs.

Here are several of the best ways to prepare for window restoration:

Find a Reputable Company With Restoration Experience

Window restoration is a process that requires time, skill, and expertise and should be done by a reputable company that specializes in home revitalization. If you decide to work with Window Makeover you can rest assured that we will take special care to deliver amazing results on your windows. 

Decide on a Budget

Setting a budget for your window restoration is crucial to covering the cost of your project without excessive spending. Have a budget in mind when you speak to your chosen company to see if they offer services to fit your budget. 

Consider Design Elements

Now is the perfect time to decide which design elements you wish to feature on your windows. Some elements to consider:

  •     Refreshing or changing paint colors 
  •     Hardware enhancements
  •     Updated Drapes or Curtains

Plan Time for the Restoration Project

It is always a good idea to plan ahead for a restoration project. Depending on how much work your windows need, the project can be extensive. Processes such as removing lead paint, or waiting for necessary hardware can be time-consuming and require you to spend time outside your home until the work is complete.

Planning for such delays can prevent you from being caught off guard or needing to find accommodations at the last minute.

Clear the Site Around Your Windows

Before the restoration work officially begins, you will want to clear the site around your windows so that they are easily accessible via ladders and other needed work equipment.

Outside your home, the following items may need clearing:

  •     Overgrown bushes or trees
  •     Porch, lawn, or patio furniture
  •     Vehicles
  •     Landscaping Items 
  •     Children Toys
  •     Animals Housing or Toys

Inside your home, be sure to clear the following:

  •     Furniture, large appliances, or toys
  •     Valuable Artwork or decor 
  •     Drapes
  •     Carpeting (If possible)

Protect Foliage Around the Window Site

If there are plants and foliage around your windows that you’d like to protect from damage, consider covering them while your windows are actively being worked on. The best way to protect foliage is to use a drop cloth that is lightweight, light in color, and breathable. 

Window Makeover Does Restoration the Right Way

At Window Makeover, we are always happy to speak to homeowners about making needed improvements to get the best possible function from their windows. Trust us to restore your windows today.

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement you could save you money.

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