High Demand Trade Jobs Include Window Repair and Replacement

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Education costs continue to rise, leaving young adults and those looking to make a career change with mounting debts to obtain a degree. Trade jobs such as those in window repair and replacement offer many benefits with comparatively low education costs. Is a career in window repair and replacement right for you?

Why Pursue a Trade Such as Window Repair

The demand for skilled employees has risen over the past decade. Vocational education provides workers with skills specific to the field they wish to enter.

Employers like Window Makeover look for trained workers who possess these vocational skills, as they promote productivity from the first day.

Vocational training programs are designed to deliver the education and training employers need, thus increasing job opportunities for students.

Pursuing a trade job such as window repair and replacement offers many desirable benefits, including:

Lower investment of time and expenses

Vocational education is far less expensive than traditional two and four-year college programs. Vocational education programs can be completed in as little as six to nine months, depending on the program.

This allows you to gain employment, start working and to start earning a living sooner than with a traditional degree.

Unfortunately, many four-year degrees leave graduates with years of student debt, compared to most vocational students. Instead, trade students are earning a salary while others are still accumulating debt.

Great earning potential

Trade jobs offer a salary range of $13 to $34 per hour, with a median pay off $21 per hour. Comparatively, other occupations offer a pay median of $16 per hour. Salaries vary by market and by organization. Trade workers also gain the benefit of entering the workforce months to years earlier than if they were to complete a four-year education.

Job security

Trade jobs like window repair and replacement are highly secure. They cannot be outsourced or automated by technology. Consumers will always need a skilled worker to perform hands-on work.

Employees in many other industries fear losing their jobs to outsourcing, moving jobs overseas, or automating work, eliminating the need for a person – trade positions offer a higher level of job security.

Why Are Trade Jobs In-Demand?

If you’ve considered entering a trade, now is the perfect time to do so. Currently, workers ages 45 to 54 make up nearly a quarter of the nation’s workforce – within the next 15 years, these workers will retire.

Older trade workers will leave their professions, opening millions of positions. Throughout the country, trade jobs are highly available and in growing numbers as industries expand.

There are numerous opportunities for advancement to grow your career and develop additional skills that will help you improve proficiency and pay rate.

Window Repair: Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is extremely important to the enjoyment of life, as individuals spend a large portion of it at work. Using your skills and abilities is the top factor to job satisfaction.

Gaining a sense of fulfillment and usefulness from the work you perform creates contentment, especially for those who like to work with their hands.

Window repair and replacement is a hands-on field. You’ll put your skills to work each day on the job, and the final result clearly displays your capabilities.

Window Makeover is hiring for skilled trade positions in window repair and replacement. So to learn more about our company and available employment opportunities,

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