Repairing Historic Home Windows is a Breeze

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Historic homes are jewels throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. Many have beautiful windows while others, sadly, may have battered, broken and even crumbling windows. These historic home windows were designed with great carpentry and architecture. Luckily, they can be brought back to their full beauty with historic home windows repair.

For numerous reasons, many of these homes often get replacement windows not suited for the original time period. We believe if they can be restored, they should be. Other companies may be quick to replace when they see rotted wood, while at Window Makeover, our priority is restoration.

Repair Goals – Historic Home Windows

First, a specialist must inspect the state of the windows. There isn’t a single answer to repair all historic home windows. We must look at the state of the glass, frame and other components. The goal of a full restoration is to preserve the initial design and increase overall efficiency for the home.


This process allows us to repair the original windows, prevent decay, deterioration and potential future rotten wood. This step provides for complete future rehabilitation of the historic home windows in a home.


Here we find the opportunity where only a small amount of repair may be needed. The windows will be at a lower level of repair. Proper preparation, knowledge and technology allow for historic home windows to be energy efficient. This means a tightly-closed seal and weatherized for summers and winters in Atlanta.


This is the highest level of work and standards we can achieve. At this level, a historic home owner will invest in a window brought back to its original state. All finishes are replaced, hardware repaired or replaced, new glazing and all damaged wood or metal is replaced or repaired with the same materials if possible.

Going Green With Window Repair

Homeowners may not think of a window company being “green,” necessarily. However, consider this: when historic home windows are repaired, they’re saved from the landfill. Many old windows have lasted 50-75 years. When repaired and restored correctly by professionals, they could last just as long in a second life.

Additionally, the energy efficiency by creating better seals and weathertight windows will lower the wear and tear on heating and cooling units in these homes.

If you own a historic home or are considering purchasing one, don’t be afraid of its windows. Call in the professionals to repair and restore your historic home windows.

The team at Window Makeover has over 18 years of experience to handle any window repair needs. We believe in preserving the character and the integrity of your home.

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