Roofing and Exterior Services in Noblesville, IN

When you want certified roofing contractors in Noblesville, IN, we have the experience you are looking for. Exteriors by Window Makeover has the resources and professional expertise for high-quality roofing and exterior jobs. We work with top manufacturers to ensure our products are the best. Whether you require asphalt shingles, metal roofs, shingle treatment, gutters, or siding, we want to ensure your home or business has the protection of strong materials and good craftsmanship. Whatever the size of your project, let us help.

Our services include:

  • Residential roofing. If your home needs a new roof, there are several things that need to be determined, such as the type of roof that works best for you. Our experts work with you to decide the ideal option for your needs.
  • Commercial roofing. You want to ensure your business is protected, and that includes using durable and quality materials on the exterior of your building. Our team can make updates and replacements to your roof and exterior.
  • Roof repair. In some situations, you may not need to replace your roof entirely. Let one of our experts see if a repair could preserve your roof.
  • We carry asphalt shingles in several colors and styles. That way, you can find the option that suits the look you want for your building’s exterior.
  • Gutters are very important for the upkeep of your roof and for protecting your building from the weather. Our team has experience with quality gutter installation.
  • Whether you need new siding for an appearance update or would like to add a more durable option, we can help.
  • Attic insulation. Good attic insulation is necessary for the upkeep of your roof, as well as for your own comfort. It can also save you money on energy bills.
  • Insurance claims. If your property has had damage done to it, we want to help you get the most money possible from your insurance.
  • Hail damage. When your home or business suffers hail damage, you need service you can depend on. We repair roofs, siding, and windows, to shore up your property.

Noblesville Living and Business

Noblesville, Indiana is a growing community that sits 21 miles northeast of Indianapolis. As one of the fastest growing cities in the state, Noblesville offers good quality of life along with a vibrant culture and a strong sense of community. Exteriors by Window Makeover is proud to serve this area. With a historic downtown, a modern commerce scene, and incredible outdoor and nature experiences, Noblesville is a wonderful place to be.

The White River travels through the downtown area, which is a hub of unique historic attractions, arts and culture sites, and many growing and established businesses.

Thanks to its proximity to Indianapolis and as the tenth largest city in the state, Noblesville is easily accessible and functions as a prime location for manufacturing, business, and creative innovation. It’s a community that pushes for growing businesses and strives for strong commerce and culture that will catapult the area further into its future. This mindset combined with the growing economy makes Noblesville a great place to invest and grow your business.

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