Insulated Siding Options in Indianapolis

You rely on your siding to protect your home from the outside elements. It protects your home from the weather, pollutants, and pests. Your siding also provides the outward appearance and impression that your home leaves. Curb appeal is important, even if you don’t plan on selling your house anytime soon. Your siding can be susceptible to different damages that can require repairs or complete replacement over time.

If it is time to replace your siding, you’ll have numerous options to consider. These options will vary in durability, sustainability, price, maintenance requirements, installation process, and style. A popular option for homeowners is vinyl siding due to its appearance and affordability. However, your options don’t end there. You can also decide to invest in insulated vinyl siding. Let the professionals at Exteriors by Window Makeover help when it comes to exploring your siding options. Our experienced staff can help you to better understand your options and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget.

What Is Insulated Siding?

Insulated siding is traditional vinyl siding with rigid-foam insulation attached to the back of it. There are several benefits to choosing this option, including:

  • Improved appearance: Insulation can improve the appearance of your siding. Insulation can help the siding rest more levelly against the wall, which makes irregularities less noticeable. This helps o provide more support to the vinyl siding, which can help it to retain its shape longer, resisting any issues with warping or buckling.
  • Added durability: Siding options vary in their overall durability. While vinyl siding is a great option for homeowners, it doesn’t provide the same level of strength and durability when compared to other siding materials. Insulation can help durability by filling in gaps and providing additional support. This support can help protect against potential damage that is man-made or caused by nature.
  • Protection against moisture: The last thing you want is moisture getting into your home. Moisture can cause significant damage. It can also lead to mold or rot, which can result in the need for excessive repairs. Siding insulation can help protect your home from moisture damage.
  • Pest deterrence: Insulated siding helps to deter pests from wanting to enter your home. In addition, insulation removes gaps that pests can seek out to construct their nests.
  • Energy efficiency: With any upgrade to your home, you want to consider the energy efficiency benefits. Insulated siding can improve the efficiency of your home. This insulation acts as an additional barrier to prevent excessive airflow that can drastically affect your home’s temperatures. Insulated siding can reduce your reliance on your heating and cooling systems, which can help reduce your monthly utility costs.

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