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Your siding is a necessary component of your home’s exterior. Your siding shapes the appearance of your house through curb appeal. You want it to look great not only for yourself but for your neighbors and those passing through as well. Your siding also has the practical function of protecting your home against the elements. In addition, siding helps to protect against weather extremes, moisture, pollutants, and pests.

Even siding that has been properly installed can need maintenance or repair over the years. It is important to have repairs handled as soon as possible to prevent further issues. If you are concerned about the quality of your siding, we can help. Exteriors by Window Makeover can provide a variety of different siding repair services to ensure that your siding is offering your home the protection it should.

Common Siding Issues

There are numerous reasons that you may need to call in a professional to handle your siding repair. Common siding issues include:

  • Warping and buckling: These issues occur more commonly for homeowners with vinyl siding. This problem can happen if the siding is attached too tightly to the home. In addition, vinyl siding needs to be able to expand and contract with temperature changes. When this isn’t possible, your siding can start to warp or buckle.
  • Cracks: Several potential factors could cause cracks in your siding. Cracks can be caused by physical damage, such as severe weather, including hail, blowing tree branches, or rocks kicked up from a lawnmower. Moisture can also cause the siding to crack over time. Moisture can lead to mold growth as well as cause cracks due to expanding or contracting with the weather. Cracks can also be caused by the sun over time.
  • Moisture issues: Siding works as a waterproof barrier for your home’s interior. Trapped moisture can lead to mold, which can also lead to rot over time. Moisture can affect the surrounding siding, as well as the interior of your house. Moisture damage can take a long time to detect, so it is important to ensure your siding is damage-free.
  • Missing pieces: Depending on your type of siding, you can experience siding pieces that become loose or fall off completely. This is often more common in corner pieces that are smaller and more susceptible to weather damage. Missing pieces leaves parts of your home exposed to weather, pollutants, and pests.

Contact the Professionals

Your siding is designed to protect the interior of your home from damages that can lead to costly repairs. Your siding also provides curb appeal that leaves a lasting impression. When it comes to the long life of your siding, you want to handle any necessary repairs as quickly as possible. Regular maintenance and inspections help catch minor issues before they can develop further. If you need any siding repair performed, the Exteriors by Window Makeover experts can help. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools you need to provide quality repairs that will extend the life of your siding. We have worked with a variety of sidings, allowing us to provide any necessary repairs. Contact us to learn more about our siding repair services.

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