Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding


You may look at your home’s siding every day, but you may consider when it’s time for an update. Life gets by us quickly, and we’re not always looking for ways to do more work in our free time. However, sometimes we overlook improvement or repair projects until it’s far too late.

Rather than having the siding on your home look like a total mess, check for these signs it’s time to replace your siding.

  • Bubbling or Blisters. If you’re seeing texture or bubbling on your siding this is a clear indication that something is wrong. Usually, it means that water has somehow gotten stuck in the siding. Since siding is supposed to prevent unwanted moisture, this is a big problem.
  • Gaps, Cracks, or Holes. Any of these can certainly look unattractive, but this kind of damage is much more than unsightly. Breaks in your siding allow moisture in, and that can lead to rot. Additionally, the structural integrity of the siding is affected by any kind of damage, no matter how slight.
  • Faded Color. This is another instance that is more than just unsightly. This can also indicate that the weatherproofing is in rough shape, too. While this doesn’t mean that the second your siding fades, it’s immediately ineffective, it does mean that it might not keep out the moisture for too much longer.
  • Peeling Paint. Painting your home every few years is reasonable. Going roughly eight to ten years between paintings is totally normal – unless you are changing the color. However, if you find yourself painting much more often by necessity, then chances are it’s not the paint’s fault. When your siding starts to wear down, the paint won’t last as long. That’s a very good sign that upgrading your siding is an imminent need. Also, if the paint within your home seems to be peeling, you may have an issue with moisture getting in your home that the siding isn’t keeping out.

If you’re seeing these signs, along with streaking, algae growth or deterioration, you don’t want to ignore them. Waiting too long to replace your siding could cause worse damage to your home. Rather than leave your space up to chance, contact the experts from Exteriors by Window Makeover. Our skilled technicians can assess your needs, and make sure your exterior gets the makeover it needs today. Contact us for your free estimate to replace your siding today!

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement we could save you money.

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