Spring is Here! Now is the Perfect Time for Window Restoration


As winter comes to a close, the importance of having functioning, pristine windows is more important than ever. From warmer days and cooler nights to an increase in rain, being able to recognize the warning signs of damaged windows is key to making sure you’re ready for the season change. Broken screens, peeling paint, or chipped wood can all be signs of larger problems. Taking note of what’s going on with your windows can help you accurately address your window restoration issues. 
Signs of Wood Rot
Wood rot is the term for when the wood begins to break down and decay because of previous exposure to excess moisture. For example, if a window is stuck and left open during a rainstorm or overnight, rainwater and dew can seep into and saturate your wooden windowsill. This moisture can stay deep in the wood, creating mold, fungal growths, and mildew. It can cause your windowsill to start peeling and eventually lead to dry rot. In order to make sure your windows and windowsills are in working order, address any problems with the finish as they appear. Leaving them unresolved could be very costly. 
Foggy Buildup on Glass
One of the loveliest parts of the springtime is waking up and seeing your yard covered in a sprinkling of dew. However, any dew or moisture buildup between your window panes can be a sign of bigger issues with your windows. In double-paned windows, two individual glass panes are set into your windowsill to create a stronger, more durable window. Around each pane, there is a seal intended to insulate your home and prevent drafts. 
As time goes on, these seals can wear down and let in excess moisture, which can cause issues with your heating and cooling bills. It also increases the chances of developing wood rot. It’s best to call a technician to evaluate any issues concerning foggy glass, helping you make sure your home is properly insulated. 
Broken or Missing Hardware Replacement
Spring is all about renewal, so why not include your window hardware in that renewal process? From loose tracks and locks to ripped screens, replacing different features of your windows is important. This ensures that they are functioning properly, keeping your home secure, and saving you money on energy costs. Windows in proper working order will help you enjoy the most out of the gorgeous Indianapolis spring weather without letting in pests or debris. 
The Importance of Proper Window Maintenance
With spring right around the corner, making sure your windows are free of issues concerning structure and sealing is key to enjoying the warmer weather and extra sunshine. Being able to open a window and enjoy a nice spring breeze throughout your home is one of the biggest perks of spring. Making sure your windows can handle the extra use throughout the warmer seasons benefits you, and your wallet, for years to come. 
During your spring cleaning rounds, make sure to take note of how your windows look, and contact Window Makeover to schedule a consultation about your window restoration today. 

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