The Most Common Signs of Window Rot


Moist or damaged wood, foggy glass, and ill-fitting hardware all detract from your home’s look and feel and can negatively impact the value of your home. Window Makeover knows that if these issues are left unchecked, they can lead to more costly home repairs and even structural damage. Over time, windows simply don’t perform basic functions like they once did. They wear out and break down. Unfortunately, by the time you discover problems, it is likely your home has sustained some collateral damage of window rot.

Here are some of the most common signs of window rot and window leak and what to be on alert for:

Stains and Discoloration

You might notice discoloration as fading or yellowing at first. If moisture continues to seep, the stains may get darker – brown, copper or black. Cleaning away the stains or painting over may just be treating the symptom and not the root cause. Interior condensation is one thing, but here may be a larger water issue at work here.

Peeling Paint

Bubbling or peeling paint or wallpaper means moisture has moved outside the window frame. When drywall gets wet the paint and wallpaper loses adhesion and starts to pull away. If the leak dries up the paint will start to flake off.

Musty Odor

Wet building materials produce a distinct smell. While it may be a familiar smell from unfinished basements, it’s not a smell you want in the finished parts of your home. This is a telltale sign of moisture somewhere and you will want to identify the source and get to the bottom of the problem.

Sagging Drywall

If drywall becomes saturated with water, it will soften and start to sag. Eventually, the entire structure will warp, buckle, and give way. You should resolve the problem with the leak before the effects reach this point.

Floor Creaking

Water always wants to seep to the lowest point – which includes flooring. Look for warping, peeling or separating and remediate this promptly before any substructures are negatively impacted.

Rot and Mold

Something you certainly do not want to discover in your home. Mold growth can be a health hazard and is a problem you want to address the moment you notice it. This is the consequence of any of the above problems not being repaired or replaced in a prompt manner.

At Window Makeover, we have discovered that one problem often leads to another. We are available to evaluate your unique situations that deterioration and water damage can cause. We can make a free evaluation to address your window and door problems.

Our unique repair process can get your home ready for winter and avoid the costly step of window and door replacements.

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