When to Replace Your Window Hardware


The role your windows play in your day-to-day comfort is often overlooked but still important in keeping your family protected from the elements. Whether it’s keeping the warmth in during colder months, cooler air in during the hotter months, or repelling the elements from rain, snow, or sleet, your windows are an integral component to keeping a well-maintained house. But window hardware can take a toll from battling all the elements year-round. There comes a time when your window hardware will need to be replaced and reinforced, and there are some clear telltale signs when the time to replace window hardware comes.

Here are some of the important signs to look out for.

  1. Have You Noticed A Draft?

One of the first signs your window hardware needs replacing is if you start to notice a draft in your home or near the window itself. An improperly insulated window can lead to poor protection against outside temperatures, and a seasonal draft, be it chilly air in the winter or rising indoor temperatures during the summer, is typically a sign that your windows are due for an insulation replacement.

By replacing your insulation, your windows will be able to retain the proper protection and reinforcement they need to maintain internal temperatures. Not only will it keep your family comfortable no matter how many degrees it is outside, but proper insulation can help you save big on your energy bill, as your heating unit won’t be trying to keep up with cold or warmth being leaked into your house.

  1. Are Your Windows Leaking?

Similarly, a telltale indicator that your window insulation needs an upgrade is any leaking into the house. If you notice spitting rain coming through a window crack or puddles of water near the window after a storm, there could be a few hardware pieces on your window that you need to replace.

Leaking can indicate an issue like the decaying of your outside window frame, or it could even be caused by warping or cracking of the window. If you notice any leaks around your windows, it’s important to get expert help to identify and fix the problem to avoid any build-up of mold in your home.

  1. Are The Windowsills Or Doors Starting To Degrade?

If you’ve started to notice that your windowsills and doors are showing cracks, splitting in spots, or even peeling their paint, it’s time to get a window hardware upgrade. This is not only an unappealing problem from an aesthetic standpoint, but it is important to tackle it quickly before it causes additional damage to the window and to prevent the wood from rotting.

The sooner you address this issue, the better chance you can repair the frame in place and save a significant amount of money down the road. You will want to be sure to reach out for professional help for a proper evaluation, as well as solutions for the repair or replacement of the windowsill or door.

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