Window Hardware Repair

Having Problems Opening and Closing Your Windows?

Damaged or broken window hardware hinders windows from opening and shutting correctly. This prevents the window from operating properly, posing comfort issues and safety problems. Damaged screen frames prevent the screen from fitting securely while tears to screens can allow pests to enter the home.

Damage may occur due to impacts, exposure to elements, misuse, and wear over time. Components that can be damaged may include screens, cam locks, latches, lifts, and crank handles. When damaged window components prevent windows from closing correctly, efficiency is lost as conditioned air escapes your home, raising your energy bills. If your window hardware requires repair, contact Window Makeover for a free estimate.

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Our Hardware Repair Process

Damaged window hardware should be addressed immediately to improve the function and efficiency of your windows while preserving safety. Our window repair experts assess your damaged window components to determine necessary repairs and will remove any damaged or broken hardware. If needed, we can produce replacement components that meet the exact specifications of your window so we can make the appropriate repairs.

Once window hardware is repaired, it is properly reinstalled on your existing windows. If the hardware is damaged beyond repair, our staff will help you select high performing, aesthetically pleasing window options that meets your needs.

Window Hardware Repair Warranty

Window Makeover’s hardware repairs are backed by our five-year satisfaction guaranteed warranty, providing protection against material defects and workmanship.

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