Window Repair When Your Home Settles

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Homes can settle up to 10 years after they are built and create a need for window repair. If there is damage to your windows from settling, we can work with you to come up with a repair plan.

After construction, homes can settle due to soil issues. Improper soil backfill, the type of soil on which your home was built, conditions below ground, tree root intrusions, and other issues can cause your home to settle down to the ground.

Settling can cause a variety of issues, ranging from minor annoyances to serious problems. Windows are potentially greatly impacted by home settling. The damage caused by home settling easily leads to the need for window repair.

Signs of Settling Which Necessitate Window Repair

Home settling is often apparent where your windows are concerned. Some window-related signs your home is settling include:

  • Interior cracks around window sills and frames
  • Sticking windows, making them difficult to open and shut
  • Gaps around windows visible outside
  • Cracks in a window sill or frame
  • Exterior window fascia or trim pulling away from the walls
  • Interior trim around windows is popping off
  • Window frame is lopsided and no longer squared

These issues can all be caused by an uneven foundation. Severe settling can cause structural damage to the home and its foundation and affect many elements of your home as well as the windows.

Window Repair for Settling Damage

In addition to the repair of the source of the structural issue which first caused the window damage, your windows must be repaired to preserve their functionality and the energy efficiency of your home.

Our window repair process utilizes reverse engineering – we duplicate the design of your window to create the replacement parts needed to make repairs.

Window repair improves the functionality of your windows and eliminates sticking associated with home settling. Through our window repair process, we replace window frame elements and other hardware damaged due to settling.

This restores proper working condition and maintains the look of your home. When your windows operate correctly, you’re able to use them as you wish. They also serve you when they retain energy lost by a damaged window.

Savings with Window Repair

Window replacement is a major expense no one wants to undertake if not necessary. Window replacement in a newer home due to damage from home settling is even more painful.

Why? Because those windows are nowhere near the end of their expected service life! Why replace when window repair may be a valid option?

Window repair can save you up to 70 percent versus replacement of damaged windows. Our innovative repair process cuts costs and preserves the integrity and aesthetics of your home.

With our five-year satisfaction guarantee, there’s even more protection for you! If you have window damage because your home has settled, contact us.

We’ll evaluate if repair is a viable solution for your windows and see just how much you could save over replacement!

Don’t assume you must buy brand new windows due to home settle damage! Window Makeover provides quality window repair to save you money and improve the aesthetic and energy efficiency of your home. Contact us now to learn more.

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement you could save you money.

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