How Many Glass Panes Do You Need for Window Repair?

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When undergoing window repair, you may have a choice as to how many window panes you need. The right number for your home depends on the efficiency of the window, cost, the window’s location, and the types of weather exposure. The window repair pros at Window Makeover help you find the best combination of window panes for your repairs.

Whenrepairing windows, options include single, double, and triple pane. The right option for your home depends on the following factors:


  • Single pane windows are not very efficient, as they only place a single layer of glass between your interior and exterior elements.
  • Double panes offer two layers of glass filled with an insulator of air or glass, creating a thicker barrier for added efficiency
  • Triple panes use three layers of glass and insulating air or gas between the panes.

The more panes of glass used for your window repair, the more efficient the window will be.


Cost is certainly relative to the number of window panes you choose for your window repair. Generally, the more panes of glass used will result in higher costs.

Luckily, investing in windows with more panes generates more efficiency. This saves on energy costs and pays you back for an extra window pane or two.

A single pane window will generally be your cheaper option. However, when considering the other important factors when selecting a number of panes, the cheapest price may not be your smartest option.


The number of window panes ideal for your home depends on your location. Climate zones in your area will help you determine the number of window panes needed to achieve recommended ratings for where you live.

ENERGY STAR recommends certain window ratings for best efficiency depending on where you live. Search by your state and county to see the recommended ratings achieved with whatever combination of panes you desire.


In milder climates, single pane windows can offer adequate comfort. In areas with extreme temperatures, such as in the northern or southern parts of the U.S., double and triple pane windows offer the best option for efficiency.

Weather can take a toll on your windows in a number of ways. Windows with southern exposure receive more direct sunlight which causes thermal heat gain in your home. The more panes of glass you put between the sun and your interiors, the better efficiency you’ll achieve.

Double and triple pane windows do a good job at preventing UV rays from damaging furnishings and fabrics inside your home.

Triple pane windows can make your windows more secure. This is especially important for windows in severe weather areas. If you experience heavy storms, high winds and flying debris, you may appreciate greater durability. Triple pane windows are not as easily broken as a single pane window.

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