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When figuring out window repair needs, you may be confused by certain terms. Here’s a quick vocabulary lesson to provide clarity when you have a window repair project. Whenever you undertake home improvement, it’s best to make an informed purchase decision.

The lingo of window repair helps you understand what is offered, compare quotes, and make the best choice for your needs and budget. Window Makeover is here to decode window repair terminology for you. This should make any repair job easier!  

Types You May See on a Window Repair Estimate

Awning windows are crank-operated and open up toward the exterior of your home from the bottom.

Casement windows are installed vertically and open outward with a crank.

End-vent windows are smaller window panels which slide open and closed and are installed on either side of a wider window.

Fixed windows do not open or shut, they are used for natural light and to highlight a view. This is also sometimes called a picture window.

Hung windows slide up and down. One or both sashes operate and tilt inside your room to clean easily.

Components in Window Repair Specifications

The frame is the vertical and horizontal components assembled to hold the window sash or seal the window.

A window sash is a component which holds glass as well as the framework around the glass, holding it in place.

The window sill is the horizontal component at the bottom of a window frame.

The window head is the horizontal component at the top of a window frame.

Jam extensions are material to cover the exposed rough opening between the window frame and the window casing.

Casing is an interior decorative molding to fill the gap between the window jamb extension and the wall.

Window grilles (or grids) are the bars which divide a larger window into smaller panes. Window grilles are decorative and come in a range of patterns.

Cam locks are heavy-duty window locks installed on sliding window models.

Window caps are a light aluminum covering installed over exposed exterior window frame surfaces to protect it from the elements and provide a finished look.

A crank is the opening mechanism installed on casement and awning windows.

Multi-point locks are a type of lever lock on a casement or awning window to secure the pane and pull it in for security and air tightness.

A night latch is a window accessory for horizontal sliding windows which prevents the window from opening more than three inches.

Drainage flaps are small holes installed in the window or the sill to allow water to drain through to the outdoors.

Window Repair and Restoration is a Great Investment

Whenever you discuss your window repair job with our technicians, feel free to stop us and ask for an explanation if you do not understand our terminology. We are happy to help explain these terms better so you can get a full and accurate understanding before we proceed.

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