Window Restoration = Eco-Friendly/Energy Efficient

Original wood windows are a desirable detail in the eyes of many homeowners. What many don’t know is how drafty those beautiful wood windows can get during those cold winter nights. You find yourself wondering how much you’re spending on heating bills just for the cold to slip right back in. Some may even begin to consider replacing their wood windows with new vinyl ones. Window restoration might equal more energy efficient windows.

The real answer to this problem is restoring the current windows. When possible, simply repairing the existing windows is not only more cost-efficient, it’s much more resource-efficient. When homeowners decide to repair their existing windows, they are making the decision to cut down on resources being used in their homes. This provides most homeowners the sense that they have gone one more step in the right direction of environmentalism.

Many people forget how problematic deforestation and logging have been for our environment. Every year hundreds of thousands of trees are taken down for lumber. This once-sustainable industry has now uprooted countless natural homes which take decades to recover. Many philanthropists are doing their part by planting trees, but deforestation is still a problem. No, your window replacement does not equate to a whole tree, but doesn’t every bit help? By taking this step, the homeowner is effectively reducing waste and pollution.

There are instances, of course, when a repair is not an option. Whether it’s a stray baseball or old wood, there are plenty of reasons why a window may qualify for replacement. Even the most environmentally-conscious consumer must recognize times when a new window is needed. In instances like these, the best decision is to obviously replace the forsaken old windows with equally gorgeous new ones.

Many homeowners worry about the same problems coming back from newly restored windows. Nowadays, professionals take preventative measures when it comes to wearing and damage. Stronger windows have a better chance of living longer through everyday weather increasing the longevity of the window multiple times over. Homeowners that take this step can also move on to further upgrading their windows.

With new technology, professionals can install energy-cost-cutting window panes. These panes create a seal that makes air virtually impossible to pass through, and in turn, makes the windows more energy efficient. Most heat and energy escape through various cracks and small openings in windows. These window panes can cut down on energy costs significantly as the homeowner no longer spends money on escaping heat.

When you find yourself wondering how to be as ecologically conscious as possible while still keeping money in the bank, consider repairing your old wood windows making them efficient ones. Our experienced team will be able to determine whether or not the windows need full replacing or not. No longer will you find yourself wondering how much heat is being lost through drafty windows. Live comfortably knowing you’re doing your part and saving money too while making the eco-friendly decision to restore your windows.

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