Wood Window Replacement – A Beginner’s Guide

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How do you know when it is time for a wood window replacement? Older homes built with wooden frames often will last 50 years or more if properly cared for through routine maintenance. Many times, homeowners will buy or inherit a home with outdated, uncared for wooden windows beyond repair. Now is the time to consider replacing these windows.

Homes facing wood window challenges may often need a professional inspection to identify weak points in the window and other areas of concern. Having a team like Window Makeover

on your side will provide peace of mind when taking on a wood window replacement project.

10 Signs It’s Time for a Wood Window Replacement

There are many different signs your windows are in need of a full replacement. Here are a few to watch:

  1. High Energy Bills. You may energy bills creeping higher in the summer and winter. This is because warm air is escaping in the winter and cool air in the summer.
  2. Severe Storms. In Atlanta, hurricane-force winds and storms often make their way inland. These storms can cause extensive damage to older wooden windows.
  3. Makeover Time. If you have a relatively new home with drab or tired looks, consider curb appeal with new picture windows.
  4. Historic Home. If you do have a historic home with bad vinyl windows and want it back to its original glory, full wooden window replacements are always an option.
  5. Noise. Can’t get to sleep? Hear the neighbor’s lawnmower or dogs barking? This is a sign it’s time to get a wood window replacement plan in action.
  6. Decay. If you touch the wooden frame on the outside, does it fall apart? You need to call the professionals immediately to get new windows soon.
  7. Windows Stuck. If you can’t open your windows due to swelling or cracking, they may need a new wood window replacement.
  8. Leaking Windows. If your windows are leaking, it can lead to a much bigger problem if water gets into your walls. It can affect your drywall and electrical. This causes a much more costly repair in the end.
  9. Safety. If your windows do not lock properly or at all, it is time to call the pros. Windows with up to date locking mechanisms are important for the safety of your home and family.
  10. Fading Colors – Is your furniture fading in color? A favorite rug looks a lot different lately? Get new windows with the proper protection from UV rays.

Call the Window Replacement Experts – Window Makeover

Some people may take on window replacement in a DIY project. For others, this type of a project may seem like too much to handle, and needs to be left to the professionals for a full wood window replacement.

If you aren’t comfortable making a decision or need more information on pricing, call in the experts. The team at Window Makeover has over 18 years of experience to handle your replacement window needs.

When you need a trusted name to bring your older home back to life, contact Window Makeover! Get your free at-home consultation and continue enjoying your home today!

Let's talk! By choosing repair over replacement you could save up to 70% in costs.

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