Door Frame Repair

Having Problems Opening and Closing Your Doors?

Damaged door frames cause a number of issues for homeowners. When a door frame breaks, problems such as loose closure, difficulty opening and shutting, creaking, marks on the floor, crookedness, and air leaks may occur. Door frame issues result from improper installation, damage to the frame, wood rot, pest damage, and items attached to the door frame, such as hardware, strike plates, and weather stripping.

Broken or damaged door frames cause difficulty for users, diminish the energy efficiency of your home, and pose security issues. Proper door framing is essential for all types of interior and exterior doors. If your doors are prone to the problems mentioned above, door frame repair from Window Makeover is the solution. Contact us today to request a free estimate for door frame repair.

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Our Door Frame Repair Process

Window Makeover’s door frame repair process begins with a thorough assessment of your door’s framing to determine the issue. Once the source of your door frame problem is pinpointed, we get to work making the necessary repairs that will stop troubling effects to restore proper functionality of your doors.

Frame alignment problems will be corrected by properly leveling, squaring, and plumbing the door frame. Once repairs are completed, your doors will be tested to ensure your problem has been solved.

Door Frame Repair Warranty

Window Makeover ensures customer satisfaction on every job. Our door frame repairs are covered by a five-year material and workmanship defect warranty.

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